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Visual Analytics Seminar in TIIT premises

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On the 10th of June NEMESYS project organized a seminar on Visual Analytics at TIIT premises in Turin. The seminar's goal was to disseminate NEMESYS knowledge and techniques developed by CERTH/ITI to TI security personnel and to deepen the cooperation between CERTH/ITI and Security LAB. The participants were members of Security Lab (SL) - Turin (4 persons), of SOC (Security Operation Center) - Turin and Milan (2 persons) and 4 graduate students from ELIS (

The event started with a presentation from SL, of which main goal was
presenting the experience of TI with visual analytics tools used to analyze
security related incidents in the TI network (principally the wired backbone

Afterwards the floor was handed to CERTH/ITI: Anastasios Drosou and Ilias
Kalamaras presented the state of the art in Visual Analytics, the challenges
VA faces today and the advances in the field, the VA techniques and
practical solutions and tools developed by CERT/ITI in the NEMESYS project.
During the event there were discussion on the application of the proposed
tools in order to meet specific TI security needs.

In the conclusion session of the seminar CERTH/ITI provided a trial version
of the VA software to be tested and evaluated by Security Lab.