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Plenary Meeting in TIIT premises (Turin, Italy) - Testbed experiment (TIIT Labs)

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On the 11th of July 2015 a NEMESYS meeting was organized and hosted in the TIIT premises in Turin.

Initially a sum up of the outcomes of the 2nd review was performed focusing on the:

· extension of the experiments on 3G/4G platforms

· exploitation report

· extension of the WP5

· the collaborative activities within the project

· the standardization activities

· the demos through which the project will be exhibited and validated

Following this the project’s consortium has focused and put significant efforts towards the definition and the finalization of the planning regarding the following open issues:

· Project’s Ethical Report

· Integration of honeypot and LMD (WP6-WP7)

· Integration of components and final demo (WP6)

· Assignment of work for experiments on TUB’s testbed (WP6-WP7)

· Simulation experiments (WP5-WP6-WP7)

· Evaluation scenarios (WP7)

Last but not least, some planning and organisatory efforts have been put towards the planning of the next project meeting, the presentation of the NEMESYS project in the 3rd review, as well as the invitation of the Ethical Advisor to the next plenary meeting of the NEMESYS consortium.