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Meeting in Berlin, 09/10/2014

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On the 9th of October 2014 a NEMESYS meeting was organized in Berlin.

The meeting started with a discussion on the development and the integration of the software components of the mobile honeypot, covering technical issues as well as legal issues regarding the privacy of users in different countries.

The discussion was then shifted on the developments regarding anomaly detection. New sources of useful data were introduced, together with a number of suggestions for anomaly detection based on graph-based descriptors.

Focus was also given to the correlation analysis of signalling and CDR data with abnormal events and the attribution of attacks through the use of visual analytics.

Regarding the system integration, a demo of the testbed was presented in a Faraday cage, followed by a detailed summary regarding LMD, honeypot and WAPI interface.

This was then followed by the presentation of important aspects of the foreseen testbed scenarios and their use for the analysis of attacks against the core mobile network infrastructure.

The meeting concluded, with a detailed discussion regarding the organisation of the NEMESYS workshop, outlining the list of invited speakers from academia and industry and also the dissemination and exploitation plans of the project.