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NEMESYS Kick off Meeting in London, UK at Imperial College of London premises

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The NEMESYS kick-off meeting was hosted by Imperial College London (ICL), on 5-6 November 2012, in London, United Kingdom.

The NEMESYS Kick-off meeting set the basis for the realization of the
NEMESYS collaborative framework. In this context, the management
procedures that have to be followed by the consortium members were
analyzed, laying particular emphasis on the definition of the NEMESYS
Quality Plan for the timely development and delivery of the project's
deliverables with the highest possible quality. Moreover, the details
about the establishment of the NEMESYS on-line tools (website, SVN,
mailing-list) were discussed, so as to facilitate the partners' fruitful
cooperation as well as the dissemination of the project activities and
accomplishments to any external interested parties. Furthermore, in
order to efficiently organize and boost the NEMESYS research and
development activities, an analysis of each Work Package's objectives
was performed by the corresponding Work Package and Task leaders along with suggestions regarding the initial research steps and directives, and an indicative activities plan was agreed among the involved partners.